Hi I'm Will and i probably make more puns than is all right. I'm 17, live in Portland and am a senior in high school. if you want to see if we have any interests in common go to my about me page!

HEY  YOU! YA YOU! For reasons described below in the link my mom has to move to california with my 3 year old brother. this is a sad event in my life but i will be moving in with my dad and this isnt about me! if you want some sweet prints from a young up and coming illustrator or a portland graphic designer here’s your chance! 

My mom doesnt have a way to move the things in our house outside of what we can fit in the car so im asking for funds to pay for the moving truck to drive from portland oregon to lake isabella california! It’s going to be close to 800 dollars for the truck alone not including gas and such. My brother and I are more than willing to make the best possible prints we can as well as other great and fun things like stickers and if it gets crazy enough t-shirts. if you want to see the caliber in which the prints will be visit my tumblr (http://azureport.tumblr.com/tagged/my-art) or my brother’s portfolio website (http://www.thomasaverin.com/)

The indie go-go itself: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-fund-a-move-by-getting-great-art/x/4361923

     I never understood the gravity that posts on tumblr like this carry for the person making them so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD EVEN IF YOU CANNOT GIVE MONEY REBLOG WOULD BE AMAZING!!! i’ve seen the amazing things tumblr can accomlpish and this is surely more important than a fluffy chicken! right? i think it is at least